KB and DKIn the second year of working with Build Salford, Casey have taken on an apprentice and facilitated a second, both working on contracts in Salford for Salix Homes.

The Build Salford programme, supported by 17 housing and construction organisations from across the region and coordinated by Salford City College, gives participants a taste of construction both in the classroom and with practical work experience. The aim is to offer participants an apprenticeship upon completion.

Kane had been considering a rugby scholarship but realised that construction had more sustainability. He heard about the Build Salford scheme through Connexions and is now completing a plastering and rendering apprenticeship and this year will study for Level 2 with training provider, The Growth Company, in Trafford Park.

He said, “I’m really loving working with Casey and looking forward to starting at college too.”

Declan from Ordsall is working with scaffolding contractor, Silver Star Services Ltd. He had previously started to do a plastering apprenticeship but found it was too difficult to travel to, and he had also tried some bricklaying. “I’m loving doing scaffolding best of all out of all the things I’ve tried. It’s really great to have this opportunity with Silver Star,” said Declan.

Tony Doran, Casey Site Manager, has worked with Build Salford participants in the classroom and currently mentors Kane Briggs on site.

“It’s great working with youngsters and encouraging them into an industry that I love. Kane has fitted in really well here.

“I have found that one of the key things to instill in young people who have not worked before is the discipline that is required to get to work on time and to put in the hours. But when you show them the rewards that are available to those that do, and they experience the pride of a finished job and the fact that they can say ‘I did that’, that’s when they get it.”

John Walmsley, Casey HR Manager, commented, “Our Company, for many years, has recognised the importance of not only encouraging people to train and work within the construction sector, but also supporting local initiatives and training programmes that share the same outlook as ourselves.   

“The current skills shortages experienced within our industry dictates that as clients, contractors, employers, training providers, and professional services, we must all work together to tackle the construction skills issue.  Build Salford is a great example of how like-minded organisations from all corners of the industry can collaborate in an innovative environment and as Kane and Declan demonstrate, produce real tangible results for the sector.

Casey is proud to be a part of and support this programme.”