new-officeCasey is a Pro-Environmental Organisation that holds ISO 14001. We operate a holistic approach to environmental protection and the management of its activities in a way that promotes the protection of the environment, the minimisation of waste and materials re-cycling and re-use.

The Group embraces its responsibility for environmental management and protection, our logo incorporates the words "Pro Environment". We provide Guidelines on the implementation of good environmental practice to all employees that give specific examples of our approach to environmental management.

To support our approach we have recently completed our new head office building. Sustainability has been central to the new design and build scheme which is six per cent better than the required green standards for a naturally ventilated building.

Construction technologies are developing quickly. We're taking responsibility for the mark we make on the environment. Innovation is key and we continue to champion modern working practices.

From Off Site Manufacture (OSM) technologies to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), we're investing resources to develop this all important aspect of construction.

This shows that Casey is serious about merging 'green' practices into our business. What's more, we're sharing our knowledge with the industry through the innovation groups we're setting up with our customers, partners and supply chain.