poster 2The safety and welfare of children in any area we work is always one of our main concerns.

By working together, our Health and Safety Advisors and our Community Initiatives Team follow our 'School Initiatives Strategy' ensuring we provide health and safety presentations to staff and pupils at local schools to promote safety on construction sites.

Children are invited to try on various items of protective clothing, for example helmets,masks, safety glasses, gloves and hard hats.

We undertake many energy efficiency schemes for housing associations and local authorities.  These will usually involve insulation, replacing windows and external rendering.

As well as the actual contract works, we also carry out presentations to residents about what additional measures they can take themselves to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and so reduce their domestic utility bills, as well as being pro-active for the environment.  Our blog posts give useful information about this and such topics as making the tank of fuel in your car go further.

You can view one of our handy energy efficiency leaflets here.

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