Hattersley Under 13s Football Club

At Casey, we have learnt that community strategies that engage with and involve all stakeholders are vital to delivering successful projects and sustainable communities. Working closely with residents, schools, local businesses and the community at large in 'live' environments ensures that projects run smoothly and minimises the chances of disruption.

Our strategy is to become involved in local projects and to invest in the areas which reach the wider community. We work with community workers offering support for local sports teams, schools, hospitals, youth groups, community police and many wider community groups wherever possible. We support other social projects making donations for gardening and planting projects and clean up schemes involving local residents.

From youth and school projects to local labour and training, our enthusiasm for community led programmes is second to none.

"Casey's have gone the extra mile when it comes to Community projects – from working with young people on apprenticeships and giving health and safety talks to school children, to entertaining our older residents in local community centers to relieve the stress of coping with the disturbance of refurbishment works. They really have pulled out all the stops and are a caring and considerate contractor"  Susan Haworth – Partnership Liaison Manager, Hyndburn Homes