Bull Hill

P Casey Enviro Ltd has a strong commitment to the preservation of our environment. We operate three distinct types of facility: a waste treatment centre, an inert engineered waste recovery site and lined commercial / industrial landfill sites. All three have a position in the waste hierarchy and play an important part in the overall waste management packages which the Company has to offer. Our in house sorting and treatment facilities ensure that the maximum volume of waste materials are either re-used or recycled prior to the residues going for disposal in our own landfill sites.

The company has a dedicated team of highly trained and certified professionals who operate at every level within the company. We believe that we provide unrivaled technical back up and support to our customers and are proud of our environmental record which stretches back to the formation of the company in 1983.

As well as operating our own waste management facilities across the North West, we also provide composting, lining and capping services as well as dynamic compacting and remediation of contaminated land. We have turned old landfill sites into housing estates, disused railway cuttings into garage forecourts and colliery spoil heaps into country parks and golf courses.

RWRP AmbassadorCasey is an Ambassador for Right Waste, Right Place. You can find more information about your Duty of Care here.