lowerfalingeCasey has been awarded an exciting project to construct a new development on the Lower Falinge Estate in Rochdale.

At the time of its original construction in the 1970s, the estate reflected the aspirations at the time for improving council housing in the UK.  However, in practice this approach was found to be wanting and Lower Falinge became an isolated neighbourhood with increased crime rates.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing is commited to providing modern, energy efficient homes on this estate, and this site has been chosen specifically for the large unused areas of bitmac and concrete that form most of the site.  The project is an opportunity to deal with many of the negative perceptions of the estate to both the people who live there and the wider Rochdale population.

The regeneration works will comprise the demolition of two of the maisonette blocks and a public house, with the construction of 30 new dwellings.  The new homes will form a mix of two-, three- and four-bed affordable houses and two- and three-bed single story homes to Lifetime Homes standard.  These are arranged in 11 blocks around a landscaped / home zone area.  Each of the dwellings will have its own enclosed private garden to the rear.