peakvalley labourPeak Valley Housing Association has awarded The Casey Group a £2.7m environmental improvement project to transform the Hattersley housing estate in Tameside.


More than 900 homes will be improved over the next 12 months with new secure fencing, boundary repairs, garden improvements and new driveways.


Casey has already completed over £35 million worth of regeneration work on the estate to bring the properties up to a ‘Decent Homes standard over the last five years.


Approximately 30 local residents were employed as labourers, administrative staff or tenant liaison coordinators on phase one.


The latest phase has seen local workers such as Jonathan Killick working for Casey to help with the improvements on their own estate.


Jonathan, 23 said: “I’ve learned loads since I started doing this job about 10 months ago. I knew nothing about fencing before and now I’m doing general labouring, pointing and flagging.


“It’s nice to work in the place where you live and the job came at just the perfect time for me because my baby boy Jacob was born just as I get full time work. Having steady work means that I’m not struggling financially.


“It’s important that local labour is used and it helps because I know the area so when my boss says go to so-and-so place on the estate I know what he’s talking about.


“It’s good that residents see local faces and people that they know working on the estate, rather than lots of strangers.”


Sue Edge, from Peak Valley Housing Association, said: “Hundreds of our tenants will benefit from this project – from having an easy to maintain and neat front garden to boosting external security around their home. But there’s another big benefit – creating jobs for local people.


“It’s great that people on the estate are getting the chance to help transform their own communities through regular and steady employment.


John Walmsley, from Casey, said: ‘We are delighted to continue our long running partnership with Peak Valley through our securing of the environmental improvement works on the Hattersley estate.  This gives us the opportunity to give further local residents a chance to work within their own community.

We fully understand the importance of sustainability in employment for the local communities in which we work.  We believe that by providing long term sustainable employment for members of the local community, we can effectively contribute to delivering lasting local economic benefit to those communities.  We have developed a Local Labour Policy implemented over many years, which reflects what we believe through past experience is best practice in the use of local labour.  We want to leave a social as well as physical legacy in the areas in which we work, it’s about us giving something back to our communities’.