Peter CaseyPeter Casey funds a scholarship at The University of Salford School of the Built Environment. Started in 2014, the scholarship recognises and supports excellence in construction and is an annual award which funds a student for the duration of their course. It has so far funded two students.

Peter has just featured in the 2015 edition of Impact, the supporter newsletter for the University. In the article, he talks about his early life and the progression of his career. Did you know that after he left school, he had to work a full time and a part-time job in order to help his family budget? And he studied part-time on top of that? He also expresses his emphasis on social responsibility and encouraging education both in his own company and in the wider community, but he also stresses the need to strike a work/life balance. You can read the full article here.

This is what John, current recipient, had to say about the Scholarship.

"When I heard about the Peter Casey Scholarship I worked as hard as I could to obtain it. I'm aiming to graduate with a First Class Honours. It is an honour to be awarded this Scholarship and it enables me to carry on working to the best of my ability.



The Peter Casey Scholarship







 Left to right: John (scholarship recipient), Hisham Elkadi (Dean, School of the Built Environment), Peter Casey, Stuart (scholarship recipient)

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