shirehall_green_3Sanctuary Group’s ‘Streetscene’ project has transformed nearly 15 miles of pavements, verges and public open spaces. This £13 million green regeneration project of a 1930s housing estate at Shiregreen in Sheffield, on which Casey was the main contractor, has been shortlisted for a top national award. 

The Sustainable Housing Awards 2011recognise projects and organisations that are at the forefront of promoting sustainability and this project is in the running for the Transformation Award for major improvements to the look, and quality of life, within a social housing development.

Prior to the work being carried out, trees planted when the estate was created had grown too big, blocking light and access to driveways. A lack of parking was also causing people to park on grass verges and the estate suffered from poor street lighting.

The regeneration programme involved: 

· Replacing more than 400 large, ageing or diseased trees with 500 smaller, more suitable varieties

· Creating a wildflower meadow and hilly lawn area

· Protecting grass verges by installing 3,300 green oak bollards

· Laying down 100,000 square metres of attractive pathways

· Installing 1,100 new street lights

· Decorating 78 original 1930s lampposts using ideas suggested by the community

· Putting in new plants to create attractive borders throughout the estate

· Overhauling alleyways to improve a sense of safety. 

The Shiregreen estate was originally designed along garden city principles, which aimed to combine town and country, by incorporating green spaces and parks into urban areas. The Streetscene scheme was designed to keep faith with Shiregreen's heritage by linking the built environment with new and improved public areas. It also saw community artists working with residents on art projects to improve the local environment and encourage people to take ownership of their local environment and open spaces. 

Helen Wright, regional regeneration manager for Sanctuary, said: "We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this award. We believe the Streetscene project has made a real difference to residents on the Shiregreen estate. It has transformed the community by creating a more pleasant and attractive place for people to live in, with plenty of quality green space."