bury_vicLast month saw Casey hand over an exciting new affordable housing development to St Vincent’s Housing Association.

The 11 new homes on Spring Street, Bury, are now fully completed and the development comprises of 3 bedroomed, six person accommodation. The new homes are built on the redeveloped site of an old Vicarage.

All the properties have been built to the Lifetime Homes standard which means they are accessible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of residents. They also include energy efficient features to reduce their impact on the environment and the energy bills of residents. All the properties are for affordable rent and will be managed by St Vincent’s Housing Association.

All the units have been designed to Housing Quality Indicators, Code for Sustainable Homes 3 and 4 and to lifetime homes standard. The overall capital and lifecycle cost savings  has meant that St.Vincents Housing Association were able to upgrade two of the units to CSH level 4 with the use of PV’s on the south facing roof slopes.

One of the Code 4 units has been adapted for disabled residents who are benefitting directly from the free energy generated from the PV’s that can be used to charge wheelchairs and equipment.


Casey have been working closely with partners Jennings Design Associates Ltd and Wilkinson Cowan Partnership who have a thorough understanding of the design principles associated with each of the standards and an in-depth understanding of the technical issues associated with delivering CSH compliance on complicated urban schemes.

Rob Henderson, Director at JDA commented,  “We are delighted to hand over the scheme on what we feel is a really successful scheme in meeting the needs of the local residents.  The homes not only deliver quality family accommodation but are an example of what can be achieved on a sensible budget whilst still delivering a variety of standards including Silver Award for  Building for Life, Secured by Design and Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.”