Merlo Multi-Tool

Based on the successful Multifarmer, the original Multi-Tool offers all the performance of a 3 tonne capacity telehandler, combined with the features of a 120HP tractor. The big secret of its success is the ability to operate in two distinct modes, distinguished by which of the two axles is locked into position.


In tractor mode, the rear axle is locked in position, just like a tractor, whilst the front swings freely. One nice feature is that the locked rear axle can be hydraulically levelled, unlike a tractor, which can be a distinct advantage going up and down rows.  Conversely, in telehandler mode, the front axle is locked for maximum stability. This is why the lift performance of the Multi-Tool is so much better than a conventional tractor/loader combination.  Once again, the front axle can be levelled, enabling the Multi-Tool to lift in true vertical, maximising the lift performance like a regular telehandler. 


Three Point Linkage - Unlike casual conversions of telehandlers, the Multifarmer Multi-Tool was designed from the start as a tractor, so the three-point linkage is not merely 'bolted-on' to the rear. This means a better balance and visibility of the linkage than simple conversions, plus the better lift capacity of 4300kg.

Power Take Off (PTO) - A rear PTO is standard and is driven mechanically and directly by the engine. The drive shaft runs through the hydrostatic drive pump, via a pressure clutch which protects the engine and attachment.


Twin levelling axles - On the Multi-Tool, a levelling axle is used at both front and rear, offering a superb ground clearance under its drop-portal design.  All UK Multifarmers and Multi-Tools have Locking Differentials as standard on both front and rear axles.

Suspension - Boom Suspension (BSS), which reduces pitching whilst travelling, is available on all Multi-Farmers and Multi-Tools.


To find out more about the Merlo Multi-Tool, call our Plant Sales team on 01706 640256 or Barry Moore on 07887 997411.