Local labour at GamesleyAt Casey, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and one area of this is the employment of local labour wherever possible on the schemes we undertake.  Over the years the continued success of this initiative has led us to develop our own ‘Local Labour Policy’ that we aim to deploy as standard on new projects.

The Energy Efficiency scheme we are working on at Gamesley for High Peak Community Housing is a great example of our policy in action.  On this scheme we are currently employing 9 people who live on the estate we are working on, or in the local vicinity.

At the end of February, Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Borough Council held a “Leap into Apprenticeships” Event at Gamesley.  John Walmsley, Casey Labour Manager, made a presentation to young people from the estate about what an employer looks for when looking to take on apprentices.  Getting the attention of and engaging young people can be difficult, but John made an impression and immediately after the event he was approached by Scott Hinchcliffe who lives on the estate.  Scott had studied plastering at college but had been unable to find work in that field.  He impressed John by being pro-active and using his initiative, and running home to get a copy of his CV before John left the event.

Within a week he secured employment on the project as a renderer and we look forward toworking with him over the coming months.

 (From left to right: Julie Shorthose - general labourer, Gary Fitzegerald - window fitter, Mathew Clayton - driver, Scott Hinchcliffe - renderer, Craig Warburton - window fitter, Nathan Hewston - window fitter, Rob Lomas - renderer, Adrain Lomas - renderer, Pete Egan - renderer)