st_johns_precinctsmallClient: Blackpool Borough Council
Project: St Johns Precinct

The St John's Precinct project was a high quality, multi faceted Public Realm project in a prestige location outside the famous Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Works involved extensive drainage, utility and infrastructure, followed by high quality granite sett paving, for both pedestrian and public service vehicle use.

Street lighting and water features were also installed along with a large themed sculpture, street furniture and bus shelters.

Following completion of the main project further funds were allocated to continue the paving works into two more adjoining streets in order to pedestrianise those also.

Photos reproduced by kind permission of M.Tec  photo by Jenics

The retail and commercial businesses surrounding the Square continued to function during the construction phase necessitating the establishment and maintenance of strong lines of communication and good relations with all those affected. This was achieved by employing a local Client Liaison Officer to keep all parties informed about our activities and deal with any queries or concerns quickly and effectively.

High levels of satisfaction were achieved with the client and all stakeholders.