spike_islandsmallClient: Salford Urban Vision
Project: Spike Island
Value: £4.5m

This long running project was designed to enhance the whole area as a designated regeneration of the fabric and infrastructure of a number of estates in a social housing environment.

Works comprised building new footpaths, fencing and paving in both bitmac and stone paviors, on and off street parking bays, new road kerbs and drop kerbs and highway resurfacing. Common green areas were soft landscaped and urban tree planting was also included in the package. Road realignment and traffic calming measures were also included in the package of works delivered in a partnered framework.

New fencing, gates and railings were installed around the estates' properties with soft landscaping being carried out post construction. Paved common areas were provided with urban tree planting to improve the overall aesthetic effects of the area.

Residents remained in occupation of their properties during the construction phases, requiring strong lines of communication between our site personnel and residents to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience.