shiregreen_streetscenesmallClient: Sanctuary Housing Sheffield
Project: Shiregreen Streetscene
Value: £9m

This multi million pound project was to provide improved highway and footpath conditions throughout a number of residential estates in Sheffield with corresponding street furniture, lighting and signage. The operation required sensitive handling of traffic management during the construction phase to ensure safety of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Colour coded on and off street parking bays and traffic calming measures were constructed with corresponding road realignments and construction taking place.

Alterations were made to road junctions with some carriageways being completely reconstructed with new drainage, kerbs, drop kerbs at crossing points and new highway standard Tarmac surfacing. Street furniture, lighting and signage were provided with soft landscaping around the footpaths and common green areas at various locations on the estates.

Soft landscaping consisted of tree and shrub planting and the creation of grassland areas to extensively enhance the aesthetic effect of the whole area to the satisfaction of the client and residents alike.