Cheshire East Council

Project: Poynton Village Improvement Scheme Phase 2
Value: £1.2m

Poynton Village Improvement scheme was a complex public realm project designed to significantly change the road layout and traffic flows over the busy A6 road junction, and to provide pedestrians with an improved environment around the retail, residential and commercial areas in the Village Centre.

New carriageway layouts provided two mini roundabouts in close proximity to each other replacing the traffic lights which originally controlled the traffic flows causing considerable congestion at all times of the day. It is largely an innovative design based on a Scandinavian ‘shared space’ idea which mixes pedestrians with single file slow but continually moving traffic and is one of only a small number of similar systems currently in operation in the UK.

Scope of Works

Operating under complex and detailed Traffic Management and Assessment Plans drawn up and implemented in compliance with the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, we introduced a system of traffic controls and work sequences prior to commencement to allow continued access through the junction for vehicular and pedestrian movement during the construction phase.

The existing carriageways were lifted and new drainage and infrastructure was installed before the high quality granite sett paving was laid in stretcher bond design for the whole of the road junction area, pedestrian footpaths and crossing points. 

There was no distinction in levels between the pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Flush kerbs were installed with designated safe crossing points as part of the design, providing tactile paving for the disabled. Street lighting signage and furniture was installed to complete the works together with soft landscaping in the form of urban tree planting.

Whilst there was an element of disruption to the local population and through traffic during the construction phase, the completed system is proving to be a significant improvement on the previous traffic flows, with congestion minimised despite the continued high number of vehicle movements.

You can view a 15 minute video about this project here: