We are aware of odour problems from this site.  We have carried out an extensive survey and detailed below are our actions to mitigate this issue.

Permanent capping* of the areas show in drawing P0961/d/242.1SUB

Extension of our gas extraction system as indicated in drawing P0961/D/242.0

Installation of pipe details and clay bund as indicated in drawing Gas Alleviation System

Review of our gas extraction infrastructure

Drilling two additional wells


Our survey identified the northern side of cells 1 and 3 as being the main area of surface gas emissions.  We have partly covered this with a significant thickness of compacted clay (>200mm) and we propose to partially permantently cap this area.  Another area that showed significant emissions is the western side of cells 1 and 2, and this is also included in our proposal to be permanently capped.

The most significant source was the drainage blanket in one of the cells.  This will be contained by a clay bund and a cut-off gas collection pipe.  These works have been ongoing for the past couple of weeks.

Other minor sources of emissions have been addressed using concrete seals.

Around our current operational phase, we will install a gas cut-off pipe, additional horizontal wells and monitoring wells.  These improvements should significantly improve the gas field, and monitoring will continue.

* Capping - a containment technology that forms an impermeable barrier between the landfill material and the surface, shielding the environment from any effects of the material, and restricting surface water from infiltrating the site and gas being emitted from the site.