Re-profiling works in preparation for capping are largely complete.  Some minor works around the existing infratructure need to be addressed concurrently with the capping of the area, for practical reasons.  Additional plant has been deployed for surface preparation and capping works.

A landfill gas monitoring exercise undertaken on 7th August identified localised areas on the eastern flank of the operational cell that are giving rise to surface emissions.  We have proposed the installation of an additional thirty shallow gas wells in the flank to be installed as soon as possible following acceptance of the proposal by the Environment Agency.

A preliminary review of the gas collection infrastructure is scheduled for 29th August.  This will help identify areas of the site where additional wells can be drilled to improve gas collection efficiency.  Following the review, any additional wells that are deemed necessary will be added to the September drilling works that are already scheduled as part of the improvement programme. 

When the capping works are completed, a further gas assessment will be undertaken.