Better housing, better social environments and a better standard of living help create communities that are better integrated and that enjoy a heightened sense of unity. That’s why Casey has always placed such importance on its three central principles:

  • Preserving the environment
  • Commitment to quality
  • Caring for the community

Casey has always been aware of the fact that it is necessary to deliver a first-class product on time, within budget and with the highest regard for quality, safety and customer satisfaction. The sectors in which Casey works are very different to when the company was formed over four decades ago, but the leadership of its founder, Peter Casey, has meant that the company has stayed at the forefront of changing practice.

We are uniquely well equipped to take care of our clients' property and land requirements from design to completion and beyond.  The Group’s individual companies and subsidiaries each have their own specific focus and are resourced by staff with specialist skills.  While each company operates independently, they are all intrinsically linked and regularly work closely together.  This gives the Group the ability to successfully deliver a wide range of projects, offering a seamless joined-up approach across all areas of expertise.