RWRP AmbassadorWe are pleased to announce that we have become an Ambassador for the Right Waste, Right Place programme.

As a company involved in environmental management, we can use the tools available in this programme to educate our customers on their duty of care.

Duty of Care applies to any establishment or business that produces, transports, treats or disposes of waste as a result of its activities. In practice this means EVERY establishment or business in the UK, from the very large to the very small.

The Environmental Protection Act 1991 requires every business or establishment to take responsibility to ensure their waste is properly disposed of.

Your Duty of Care starts from the moment you produce the waste and may also continue beyond the appropriately authorised waste contractor you engage to deal with it. You need to satisfy yourself that not only have you managed the waste you produce correctly on your site, but also that the person that it is given to next is permitted to deal with it and that it will be handled correctly.

You can download a simple guide to Duty of Care here, or you can click on the logo above to go to the Right Waste, Right Place website for more information.