This former Casey landfill site at Horncliffe used to resemble Arden Quarry

The aim of this scheme is to restore a disused gritstone quarry with a wide range of waste materials to transform the land into productive farmland.  The site planning permission has a comprehensive aftercare scheme attached to it which will ensure that it will eventually blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

It is our intention here to keep you fully updated with progress on site and to explain the actions we are taking.


For inert disposal and non-hazardous disposal

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Most waste in the UK has traditionally been disposed of to landfill sites.  These can generate considerable public concern about the health effects of emissions.  The Health Protection Agency periodically releases information and advice about this matter.  Here is their current release.

Impact on Health of Emissions from Landfill Sites - Advice from the Health Protection Agency

Please note that The Health Protection Agency have had no involvement in the remedial actions currently being undertaken at this site.

These are key drawings that may be referred to in the updates.  Click on the drawing to open a pdf version in another window so that you can refer to it whilst reading the updates.

proposed area of capping           cell 3 proposed pipe  manifold system      proposed drainage gas alleviation system

P0961/D/242.1SUB         P0961/D/242.0               Gas Alleviation System               Download Programme of Works


As noted in our update of 7 December, a drilling campaign was underway to install additional gas extraction wells.  The drilling and connection works were completed in December and the gas field subsequently balanced and managed to incorporate the additional wells over the Christmas period.  This has much improved the site's gas collection efficiency.

The 2012 programme of engineering improvement works has now been completed.  The gas field, containment and site surface emissions are to be monitored and reassessed during January.  

Any aspects that require further engineered improvement / remediation will be programmed shortly thereafter.  Pending agreement with the Environment Agency, the new programme of works will be published on this page.

2012-11-28 01 1563x773

Works on the installation of gas extraction boreholes started on Wednesday 28th November, with a total of nine extraction points to be drilled in strategically placed points on the site.  To date, eight of the nine extraction wells have been completed and a total length of 112 metres of 160mm pipe installed underground.  All drilling works are expected to be completed by the end of this week.