resident-liasonWe recognise that the central aim of our housing projects is to deliver a service that is specifically tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our client's customers – the residents. We translate and extend this 'customer focus' into our everyday 

working culture so that the residents – as the ultimate beneficiaries of a project - always remain the determining factor in decisions regarding how a significant regeneration contract is conducted from start to completion.

For every project that we undertake in or adjacent to existing resident's homes we utilise the services of our Resident Liaison Team. We were one of the first Community Construction Contractors to recognise the need and necessity to employ dedicated Resident Liaison Officers.

Our liaison staff are highly experienced and generally come from multi-disciplinary, 'front-line' backgrounds. This experience allows them to communicate effectively with individual residents, whether resident or leaseholder, as well as client representatives, local businesses and the various agencies that may become involved in our projects.

Watch this video to see some of the information we provided for residents of Shiregreen in Sheffield when we carried out a project for Sanctuary Housing. 

We hold pre-start open days as an important part of our communication strategy for residents and other stakeholders.  They are designed to provide as much information about the forthcoming works as possible.

This communication is essential to ensure residents and clients understand the nature of the work, how long it will last, and how it might impact on their daily lives.

Assurance to residents is also a key purpose, and we are there to answer questions and to ensure that they have all the contact details that they might require, including our Freephone Customer Careline.

Our Community Initiatives Policy is aimed at offering comfort and assurance to residents who are affected by intrusive work activities.  One way we do this is by arranging Breakfast Clubs.  We bring residents together in a local venue and provide them with a full breakfast and friendly atmosphere while works are being carried out in their own homes.

The benefit to the community is enormous as it brings neghbours together in one place with a social atmosphere, often establishing friendships that would not normally occur.  It also enables our workforce to complete the works more quickly so residents are less inconvenienced.